We are thankful for kindness of our 53001 voluntaries.

Our mission is to give life.

Road Safety Programs(RSP)

School's, Colleges,Government, Semi-Government and Private Organization all get to organize Road Safety. program(RSP).

Aadhar Road Rescue Team(ARRT)

We have a Rescue Team of 1200-1500 people.Our team are present at six places.Iswal,Sukher,Titardi,Balicha,Nai.

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Our Services

Let’s build the better world together without
starving children, pain and death.

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Our Strength

1. Sheetal kumar jain navi Mumbai 9967749275
2. Love kumar jain Gurgaon8920262175
3. Meena jain9829505599
4. Beena Bhandari7976378349
5. Anil Sahadev7230045348
6. Mohit Singh Kharwed 8769557765
7.Ravi Singh Thakur 8947027759
8. Yaxita jat 9660308510
9. Bhupendra Singh Khicehi9414170531
10.Advocate C. P. Goshwami8561991996
11. Dalchand Jat 9549313333
12. Pardeep choudhary9587701313
13. Om Prakash9828088084

Thank you for your kindness dear volunteers